Before The Fall

Net's First Excursion

Net's first mission with the new group

It wasn’t the first mission Net Ruluss had been on by a long shot, but this one suddenly felt a lot bigger. The mission was to rescue a few slaves, but now he had already planted explosives in the engine room of a space station and there were apparently potentially thousands of slaves instead of a handful. He only had a minute or two to ponder on his situation when the lift doors opened.

He and Atria stepped out into the hallway, knowing they had to get to the negotiating table. At least he assumed she was still there. The stealth field generators were better than any he’d ever seen, so it was hard to tell. As they headed down the hallway, he absent-mindedly checked his wrist for any updates and it sprang to life with data. He saw lots of dots on the suddenly-hyper-detailed map of the station. He immediately recognized his own dot and Atria’s (ok good, she’s still right here) but his heart started beating a bit faster when he saw 6 or 7 dots lined up on the other side of the door. Which had just opened.

His experience kicked in and he quickly slid through the door behind the barrier on the right and pulled out his bow. They were clumped quite close together, explosive arrows should do the trick. He nocked the arrow and looked away to shield his eyes from the light and potential shrapnel of the imminent explosion. He let it fly.

Aaaaaand he missed.

So stupid! He let his mind slip for a moment, assuming the explosive would cover any mistakes, but even that failed as the arrow hit the back wall and fell harmlessly to the floor. But all the enemies swung around to look at the noise! Perfect. Another arrow already in its place, this time the classic kind, he took careful aim. He focused hard this time, only momentarily distracted by the shimmering air and sudden electric hum nearby the enemy droid in the center. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the only one who noticed. The guards all started shooting wildly, taking out a couple of their own. Net gave a little extra pull on the string, as if to prove to himself that the last one was just a fluke. This time it found its mark. It passed straight through the first man. And the second. And lodged itself into the droid, which immediately slumped to the ground. Whether from his arrow or from the sith’s lightsaber, he didn’t know. Almost instantly the last two men fell to the ground a few feet away from where their heads landed.

Note to self, don’t mess with the sith.

He noticed the shimmering for an instant more, this time near the door they needed to go through, as if she had impacted the wall with some force. Strange. With the encounter over, he made quick pace to the door and when it closed behind them he turned around to make sure they wouldn’t be followed. Luckily, he had worked with this model before so it didn’t take longer than about a second. But while he did so, he heard a whoosh and by the time he turned back around the hallway was silent.

I guess she had someplace to be.

He jogged down the hallway towards the open door and heard sounds of blasters. He tried to remember the things he had been hearing over the comms. Something about an AI infiltrating the station and negotiations going quite well and tactical data. He turned the corner to see the enemy jedi fighting with his new companions. He suddenly felt like his talents might be best served by keeping watch on their backs. Especially when he had just heard one of his team call out asking who was their. In a show of solidarity, Net also called out. At least it made him feel a bit more useful. He heard the door close followed closely by a loud clang, and silence.

Sounds like the fighting is over. Feels like a good time to regroup.


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